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I have mainly written and published books and articles on international relations.  Links to many of my writings on subjects such as Russian foreign policy, revolution, and the Middle East can be found on my website:  www.marknkatz.com

But I have also written numerous travel narratives.  Some of these I published in a book entitled Middle Eastern Sketches (1997).  A few were published in newspapers and magazines–sometimes in a shortened, edited form.  Many, though, have not been previously published.

What I hope to do here is to publish as many of my previously unpublished narratives as I can find in my old computer files (many of which are still in Word Perfect) or handwritten notes (assuming I can still decipher them).  I will also republish some of the narratives that appeared long ago in newspapers and magazines, or post the original versions where I prefer these to the edited ones that were published.  I may even republish some of the narratives from my Middle Eastern Sketches–but not too many.  I want to give you some incentive, after all, to buy a copy of this long out of print book from my Amazon.com bookstore:  http://www.amazon.com/shops/marknkatz

I wrote these various travel narratives mainly for the pleasure of doing so.  I hope that they might give pleasure to all those who read them.

Mark N. Katz


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